Despite being a specialized company in machining, during these years we've got a extensive experience in some industrial fields, so we can offer the following services:

- Prefabrication and assembly, in plant case if necessary, of lightweight structures.
- Alterations and change of platforms, stairways, attics, etc.
- Manufacture of tanks, reboilers, exchangers, hoppers, pipes and pipe lines in both carbon steel, stainless steel and in alloy.
- Repair of molds and dies.
- Manufacture of small dies.
- Manufacture of small molds.
- Automation of industrial processes.
- Mechanization of all kind of pieces, whether mass production or only pieces.
- Construction of all kind of tools, either measure, security or production.
- Mass production of all kind of pieces.
- Manufacture of prototypes.

We also have a team of qualified technicians who are able of performing any project, adapting to the requirements of our customers, bearing in mind the last technological progress of the moment to make the process quick and easy.